Rail Freight Services In Canada & USA

Our road freight services are best for transporting your goods all across Canada and the USA in expedited time and at affordable cost.

Rail Freight Services

Efficiently moving bulk material across great distances throughout North America

Choosing rail freight services means choosing a reliable and sustainable mode of transportation that will give you a range of additional perks, including a greater loading capacity, lower costs associated with shipping, and much more.

Working with some of the best Rail companies in Canada for many years, our fundamental aim at ULS is to ensure efficient transportation of your freight in the most cost-effective way possible.

Whether your shipment needs to be transported somewhere in Canada or outside the country, with our extensive network of trucks and railroads, your shipment is guaranteed to be delivered as per schedule without any unnecessary off-loading in between.

Thanks to our strong bonding with top-tier rail freight movers, ULS also helps you accommodate your needs to transport temperature-sensitive goods. At ULS, you will get streamlined solutions aiding in cutting the time consumed between transfers and maximizing the safety of your shipment.

Unrestricted Transportation

ULS is connected to all major North American rail networks needed for the efficient and free flow of goods across all states of Canada as well as the neighboring countries.

Integrated Services

Even though trains cannot be utilized for "door-to-door" delivery and have less schedule flexibility than trucks, our rail transportation combined with trucks can be the most efficient and cost-effective mode for your shipping needs.

Advance Booking

ULS provides you with the competitive advantage of booking freight services much more in advance than you might do with other freight service providers.

Why ULS Freight

Few reasons to choose ULS freight over other shipping companies.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our freight shipping services include everything you need to stretch your business beyond boundaries, from door-to-door deliveries, warehousing, and distribution to multimodal freight shipping services.

Extensive Experience

ULS gives you the competitive advantage of years of industry experience with established business relationships.


ULS has the best-integrated system that gives us complete control of every element in the freight shipping system, allowing us to make absolute on-time deliveries.

Hassle-free Process

We make the entire process completely hassle-free for the customers by providing them with a single point of contact.

Increased Transparency

At ULS, we aim to keep everything transparent and share completely accurate data with our clients and customers to help them optimize their shipping costs.

Clients Testimonials

Read some positive reviews of our clients that they left for us after getting our freight services.

Clients Testimonials

Read some positive reviews of our clients that they left for us after getting our freight services.

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