ULS History

We are a freight forwarding company based in Ontario, Canada, and offering our unique freight services across Canada, Mexico, and the USA that provide businesses with a wide range of logistics services. Our company has a rich history that spans several decades, and we are proud to have established ourselves as a leading player in the logistics industry. 


ULS was founded in 2005 with just 10 trucks, a small team, and a handful of clients, providing local transportation services to businesses in the Ontario Area. Over time, the company grew, and our founders expanded their services to include international freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution across the USA and Mexico.


ULS fleet owns more than 125 trucks, including various types of trucks, vans, and trailers.


In 2012, our company expanded its operations to include several other Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.


In 2014 ULS opened a new terminal in California and expanded into Mexico.


In 2016 we owned more than 250 trucks to provide our logistics services internationally.


We continued our growth by establishing partnerships with several international logistics providers. These partnerships allowed us to provide global freight forwarding services to our clients, opening up new market opportunities for their businesses. Our vision is to become Canada's top freight forwarding company, and we’re starving hard to achieve our goal.